Kde in Ubuntu

For those of us using the vanilla version of Ubuntu and use some KDE apps, try this for Ubuntu 10.04:

KDE control center

The KDE control center is no longer called kcontrol , but systemsettings (which is also the package name).

Unfortunately it would appear there is one problem or two with that, e.g. the "Style" tab in the "Appearance" category seems to be broken.

Some of what it says: (titled: "Allows the manipulation of widget behaviour and changing the Style for KDE")

Cannot load library /usr/lib/kde4/kcm_style.so (/usr/lib/libGL.so.1: undefined symbol: _nv001295gl)Cannot load library /usr/lib/kde4/kcm_style.so: (/usr/lib/libGL.so.1: undefined symbol: _nv001295gl)

and some general troubleshooting suggestions following that. Screenshot:


As an alternative, one could hack the files in ~/.kde/share/config directly. E.g. some mouse settings can be adjusted in the kdeglobals file. Thanks to the foresight of Peterius, there is a solution to be had in my particular case. For instance, adding those two lines:


to the end of the file would get KDE to stop launching applications etc. from single mouse clicks.

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